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Crannull Consulting Ltd


At Crannull, our business is 100% focused on generating new opportunities. If picking up the phone and making a high volume of calls in one day is something you do not have the time do, then let someone else do it for you. We take the time to go through our database, contacting people to sell your product or service. We focus on the people who show interest in what we are selling – it is during these conversations that we ensure our skills are put to best use.


Why is lead generation in the Built Environment important?

Every company operating within the built environment will have an existing customer base that provides a certain amount of revenue each year, providing long-term stability. Here at Crannull, we understand that to survive and grow, businesses need to be proactive at creating new contacts and adding to their customer base on a monthly basis. Our experience in the construction industry and the use of correct terminology allows us to build relationships from the very first call. We find out about live and future construction projects, where your product/service would be suitable.