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Paul Whitnell

President, British and Irish Trading Alliance Ltd

Paul Whitnell has a background the varied arenas of politics, business and the music industry, and is well placed to spot trends and needs in the current diverse and rapidly changing economic environment. After arriving in the UK looking for work in 2008 during the economic crash, Paul realised that there was a need for a different kind of networking group to fill the gap. He founded BITA in response to this need, creating a friendly, relaxed networking community that is focused on creating business opportunities for UK and Irish businesses and offering advice. A pre-requisite of membership is that connections and knowledge are shared, so all have the opportunity to forge successful and profitable networking relationships.


In 2018 Paul signed an agreement with similar networking organisations in Scotland and America – Causeway and IN USA. “We enjoy working with businesses in the UK and Ireland but recognise we need to expand our gaze and look to further afield. Not only are there incredible opportunities for UK and Irish companies looking to trade with America, but there are also great markets here for American businesses looking to expand. We are looking forward to working with Causeway and IN USA and offering their members what we offer our BITA members – advice, opportunity, and a guiding hand if needed. With these new friendships we will be extending our brand and offering more.”

BITA is a not-for-profit membership organisation that adheres to their motto of being the ‘People who Know People that Help People’. Aside from business and events, they value their communities and look for chances to give something back, supporting various charities through fundraising and promotion.