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Andy Lister

IT Manager, Senior Architectural Systems

Andy has a career spanning more than thirty years in the Construction Industry, with a particular focus in the area of fenestration systems.

Andy’s initial introduction to the construction industry was as an estimator at MAG Briggs Amasco, progressing to Commercial Manager at Solaglas, and in 2000, advancing to his current role of IT Manager at Senior Architectural Systems – the UK’s largest privately owned fenestration company.

Tasked with managing all aspects of the IT requirements for the company with offices and warehouses multiple UK locations, Andy can usually be found either ‘at’ or ‘under’ a desk – or in the car driving between the offices!. As the company has grown in both capacity and reputation, Andy and his team have developed and continue to maintain an innovative and reliable IT structure and auxiliary services. Endeavouring to provide best in class IT service to their colleagues and customers alike.


Similar to other industries, the Construction industry is pioneering and trail-blazing in terms of innovation and new technology, Andy has a keen eye on following these new technology trends, reviewing their suitability/synergy for the company and adopting the most apt tools and techniques that will deliver additional value/benefit in providing an advanced IT service for Senior.


As a self confessed geek, Andy enjoys all things tech related, any new gadget or ‘boys toy’ will definitely prove to be of interest. ……….no new ‘boys toy’ catching his interest, you will probably find him in a local cinema watching the latest movie.